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The project “The sounds of the city” presents promenades with a dictaphone and a camera in a quest of something unknown and occasional which is compiled in a bright puzzle of the city landscapes. To explore the life of only one but an iconic street is to feel the entire image of the whole city.

Karl Marx's Street is a street where ordinary days and casual habits of our citizens are mixed up together with all these just-caught-feelings and unforeseen meetings. It is a street where trends and traditions are wrapped in the architectural frame. All of this creates an authentic image of the city of Irkutsk.

Photos & sounds  by  Artyom Moiseev
Sounds of the carnival  by  Alex Trifonov
Design & programming  by  Danmark Studio

Karl Marx street (formerly Bolshaya, Bolshaya Pershpektivnaya) is a street in Pravoberezhniy district of the city of Irkutsk. It is one of two main and one of the oldest streets of the city. In 1726 the district of Irkutsk was surrounded by a ring-wall with a moat and a palisade by the order of Sava Vladislavich. The ring-wall started at the channel of the river Angara and ended at the river Ushakovka. By 1760 the palisade dilapidated, the moat partly crumbled.

By the decision of the city council the remains of fortifications were destroyed; and a new street was built at that place. That street was called Bolshaya Pershpektivnaya, or just Bolshaya.

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